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Domestic Travel Policy


  • All Employees travelling in India for official purposes
  • Objective:

  • Provide guidelines for official Domestic Travel
  • Travel Eligibility
  • Hotel accommodation Limits
  • Own Stay Limits
  • Travel Allowance
  • F&B and Incidental Expenses including Laundry costs
  • Daily allowance for Local Travel
  • Conveyance reimbursement & cab hiring guidelines on Local/Upcountry Travel
  • Proposal:

    Travel Class Eligibility

    Band/Level Travel Class entitlements
    Directors/VPs Economy class Air fare, I AC/II AC / III AC/ Chair Car Rail fare
    GMs & Sales Managers I AC/II AC / III AC/ Chair Car Rail fare
    Managers II AC/ III AC / Chair Car Rail fare
    Acting Area Managers/Dy. Managers III AC/ Chair Car Rail fare
    Executives, Acting Executives & Operators Public Road Transport / Sleeper Class Rail fare
  • Exceptional Approval of Functional & HR Director required for travel beyond specified class of travel for the band eligibility table.
  • 21 days planning advisable for Air travels, exceptions to be approved by Functional & HR Director
  • Air travel for non-eligible bands will require approval of CEO post recommendation of Functional Director. Total cost of travel and time urgency may be considered for reviewing special approval cases.
  • Hotel Accommodation (Night Tariff Rates, INR per night exclusive of GST) for Outstation Official Travel

    Band Metropolitan Cities State Capitals Other Cities & Towns Occupancy
    Directors/VPs 6000 5000 4500 Single
    GMs & Sales Managers 5000 4500 4000 Single
    Managers 4500 4000 3500 Single
    Acting Area Managers/ Dy. Managers 3500 3000 2500 Double
    Executives 3000 2500 2000 Double
    Operators & Acting Executives 2500 2000 1500 Double

    For group meetings, employees at all levels are advised to share rooms, on Double Occupancy to minimize costs. Room tariff rates mentioned above are for Single Occupancy and for Double Occupancy the rates applicable per employee will be half of the above rates.

    Daily Allowance (without bills) for Own Stay arrangements (INR per day) during Outstation Official travel

  • Covers costs of gifts/sweets for Relatives/Guests, as the case may be.
  • Not applicable for Employee’s stay in home town or city/town, where employee owns a residence.
  • Band All Cities & Towns
    Directors/VPs 750
    GMs & Sales Managers 600
    Managers 500
    Acting Area Managers/Dy. Managers 400
    Executives 300
    Operators & Acting Executives 200

    Food, Beverages & Incidentals including Laundry for Outstation Official Travel (Maximum Limits per day for Lunch & Dinner)

    Band Metropolitan Cities State Capitals Other Cities & Towns
    Directors/VPs 1500 1200 1000
    GMs & Sales Managers 1200 1000 800
    Managers 1000 800 600
    Acting Area Managers/ Dy. Managers 600 550 500
    Executives 600 550 500
    Operators & Acting Executives 500 400 300
  • In case of Group Meetings, the per person costs towards fooding & beverages will be reimbursable as per the band of Senior Most Employee hosting the meeting. Employee hosting meeting will need to mention names and number of people hosted.
  • In case of Single meal, the cost will be half of the limits mentioned above.
  • All the F&B costs will be reimbursed based on the bills produced.
  • Any exceptions in the F&B Costs shall be approved by Functional Director & HR Director.
  • Outstation Travel (Intra City)

    Employees travelling outstation are entitled for the following options for intra-city travels as per the following norms:

    Band Entitlement
    Directors/VPs AC Taxi (Sedan
    GMs AC Taxi (Normal Sedan/Hatchback)
    Sales Managers & Managers AC Taxi (Normal Sedan/Hatchback)
    Dy. Managers/Acting Area Managers AC Taxi (Shared)
    Executives Non-AC Taxi / Auto (Shared)
    Operators & Acting Executives Shared Auto/Local transport

    Employees are advised to normally opt for App based taxis (viz. Ola, Uber) or Radio taxis or auto options, whichever is cost effective.

    Daily Allowance for Local Travel for Market Coverage (INR per day limit)- Without Bills

    Daily Allowance to cover Food Costs, miscellaneous/out of Pocket expenses for associates working in Market as per Role will be 50% of Daily limits, mentioned in the Food & Beverages allowance for Outstation Official Travel. Additional costs towards Dinner expenses as applicable will be payable at INR 100 per such instance.

    Conveyance/Fuel Reimbursement for Local Travel intending at Market Coverage

    Associates using their own vehicles for official local travel will be entitled for the following fuel reimbursement rates per km:

    Type of Vehicle Rate per km
    Two Wheeler INR 4.00
    Four Wheeler (Petrol) INR 9.00
    Four Wheeler (Diesel) INR 8.00
  • The above rates are including costs on account of Fixed Costs, Insurance and Service & Maintenance costs.
  • No further approvals will be granted for Insurance, Service and Maintenance costs mentioned above.
  • Associates who have opted for fuel reimbursement as part of their salary won’t be eligible to claim fuel reimbursement (on a per km basis).
  • Expenses Not to be Reimbursed

  • Tobacco/Tobacco products
  • Membership in Health Club/Hotel club membership/charges
  • Excess Baggage Charges for Personal baggage otherwise than New Joining or Relocations/Transfers
  • Clothing & Cosmetics
  • Airline/rental upgrades
  • ATM fees
  • Personal Charges/credit card fees
  • In room movie at hotels
  • Spa
  • Minibar
  • Submission of expense claims

    The duly signed Expense Reports alongwith proof of expenditure needs to be sent to Reporting manager. Post approval of Reporting Manager, the same needs to be sent to Travel Reimbursement Cell, Accounts Department, Head Office, SLMG Lucknow.

    General Terms & Conditions

  • For group travels wherein employees across various bands are travelling together, the senior employee can make the payments towards the expenses and claim it as per process.
  • All Associates to apply full prudence on costs.
  • Expenses towards entertainment of Customers, Trade or Channel partners/Distributors will have to be approved by Functional and HR Director.
  • Responsibility of Associates & Approving Managers

    Care should be taken by every Associate & Manager to ensure that all bills/receipts/documents are genuine & reimbursable and are also submitted in original.

    Travel Advances

    Travel advances may be recommended by Functional Head and approved by HR Director in accordance with above guidelines on exceptional basis.

    Special Approvals

  • Liquor bills to be sanctioned on recommendation of Functional Director, HR Director & approval from CEO.
  • Any Exceptions to be sanctioned on recommendation of Functional Director, HR Director & approval from CEO.
  • Management reserves the right to modify/amend this policy at any point of time and any decision in this regard shall be binding on all employees.